Acts Intro

Ever wonder where the church started?

What was it like for those original men and women?

As we study the book of Acts we will look into the lives of faithful men and women and see the challenges and obstacles they faced; and the blessings they enjoyed. Try to relate them to the challenges, obstacles and blessings you have each day. D.L. Moody was quoted as saying “The world has yet to see what God can do with one man fully devoted to Him…I want to be that man” As believers we are in a unique position to see God work through us to affect our world for him.

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Acts Intro Acts 28

Acts 28

Paul was falsely accused…beaten…imprisoned…shipwrecked…and now in prison in Rome for two years. What are you…

Acts Intro Acts 27

Acts 27

Have you ever felt the consequences of someone else’s bad decision? It is our ministry…

Acts Intro Acts 26

Acts 26

How important is it to live your life in such a way that you can…

Acts Intro Acts 25

Acts 25

When accusations are being hurled about you follow Paul’s example and simply go back to…

Acts Intro Acts 24

Acts 24

When a believer is misrepresented or lied about how are we to handle this? Is…

Acts Intro Acts 23

Acts 23

When things look their bleakest we must remember that God is still at work for…

Acts Intro Acts 22

Acts 22

Paul understands the zeal these men are showing toward him; it is the same zeal…

Acts Intro Acts 21

Acts 21

How do you handle it when someone lies about you? When you suffer at the…

Acts Intro Acts 20

Acts 20

The apostle Paul realizes that he is nearing the end of his ministry. He is…

Acts Intro Acts 19

Acts 19

There may be times when, like Paul, we encounter those who do not have a…

Acts Intro Acts 18

Acts 18

New friends can be a breath of fresh air. Paul leaves Athens, travels to Corinth…

Acts Intro Acts 17

Acts 17

Prov. 27:4 Anger is cruel and fury overwhelming, but who can stand before jealousy? In…

Acts Intro Acts 16

Acts 16

Paul and Silas meet a young man Timothy who would join them as they traveled…

Acts Intro Acts 15

Acts 15

Godly men can reason together and seek God’s will when questions arise; the apostles set…

Acts Intro Acts 14

Acts 14

There are those that live to challenge God’s word at every turn. They challenged the…

Acts Intro Acts 12-13

Acts 12-13

Ever wonder why such bad things happen to good people? James, a devoted, disciple of…

Acts Intro Acts 10-11

Acts 10-11

Even the best of men can be wrong sometimes on certain issues. They may sincerely…

Acts Intro Acts 9

Acts 9

Do you ever feel like there is no limit to some people’s energy when it…

Acts Intro Acts 8

Acts 8

The church is being scattered by the persecution that is coming on them. Jesus told…

Acts Intro Acts 6-7

Acts 6-7

The apostles were only twelve men. They quickly learned they could not be everywhere ministering…

Acts Intro Acts 4:32-5:42

Acts 4:32-5:42

The church was growing in number and in their love for one another. No one…

Acts Intro Acts 3-4

Acts 3-4

One day as Peter and John were about to walk into the temple they saw…

Acts Intro Acts 2

Acts 2

The believers of Acts 2 were devoted to the apostles teaching and to meeting the…

Acts Intro Acts 1

Acts 1

The disciples know that change is coming. Jesus has given them a big assignment but…

Acts Intro Acts Intro

Acts Intro

Ever wonder where the church started? What was it like for those original men and…

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